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Call of Duty: Vanguard Season 4 is here, and there’s a plethora of new content available to players — including a fleet of rewards now live for players to earn in Vanguard Ranked Play.

This is the third season of Ranked but only the second season the mode has been out of beta. In Season 4, the Skill Ratings for each player have reset, giving players the chance to climb the ladder again as they earn rewards.

The rewards are strictly cosmetic, so players who play better won’t gain a huge advantage over those who don’t perform as well. Season 4 delivers more rewards than ever, featuring both permanent rewards and Season 4 exclusive rewards. In order to earn the rewards, players will need to place well on the ladder, win matches and simply play matches in Season 4.

Season 4 Ranked Play rewards in Vanguard

There are nine total Season 4 Ranked rewards, most of which should be attainable by those who spend a solid amount of time playing the competitive mode. However, some will take some serious skill to earn. Of course, if players dedicate the time to earn those rewards, they’ll be compensated with better items:

  • Season Four Ranked Competitor sticker – Complete 5 Skill Evaluation Matches
  • Season Four Ladder Champion camo – Finish 1st Place in a Ladder Event
  • Pro Reissue SMG Charlie blueprint – Finish Top 5 in a Ladder Event
  • Carried charm – Finish Top 10 in a Ladder Event
  • Clean Sweep spray – Win 5 Ranked Play Matches
  • Iced charm – Win 25 Ranked Play Matches
  • Pro Issue Kar98k blueprint – Win 50 Ranked Play Matches
  • Season Four Ranked Veteran – Win 100 Ranked Play Matches
  • Animated Skill Division Emblem – End-of-season emblem to reflect your highest Skill Rating placement

At the end of Season 4, all of these rewards will be gone, so grab them while you can in Vanguard.