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After launching the highly anticipated Overwatch 2, Blizzard has announced a new tank hero, Ramattra.

Ramattra will make his debut in Overwatch 2 alongside the premiere of the Season 2  Battle Pass on December 6. According to videos going into the hero’s lore, Ramattra was created to lead the omnics into battle. He decided to become the leader of the Null Sector after giving up on creating a peaceful society with humans.

While there is no official release on Ramattra’s abilities and ultimate, there have been already been leaks from a well-respected Overwatch content creator.

All details of Ramattra abilities and ultimate in Overwatch 2

Voi Accelerator (Omnic Form) – Default Attacks

  • Left Click: Launches a projectile that advances in a certain shape.
  • Right Click:  Introduces a barrier at the target location.

Vortex of Gluttony- E

  • Launch Nano Spheres
  • They explode on contact with the ground, creating a damaging force field
  • Enemies within the force fields influence are pulled to the ground
  • The movement speed of enemies under the influence of the force field is slowed

Chastisement (Nemesis Form) – Shift

  • Changes into Nemesis for about 8 seconds and uses the following skills:
    • Left Click: Attacks with fists forward and generates a shock wave each time the fist is raised
    • Right Click: Reduces movement speed, but greatly reduces damage from the front
    • When in Nemesis Form, gains 150 additional defense (Increases total health from 450 to 600)

Destruction (Ultimate) – Q

  • Automatically switches to Nemesis Form, creating an energy zone around it
  • Enemies within the energy zone take continuous damage
  • The duration will last as long as you deal damage to enemies within the energy zone

You will be able to unlock Ramattra in Overwatch 2 for the free Battle pass at Tier 55 and higher or by purchasing the premium battle pass for $10.

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