All Locked Areas in Ashika Island Warzone 2 DMZ
Ashika Island Locked Areas DMZ
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All Locked Areas in Ashika Island Warzone 2 DMZ

Discover all that is locked in DMZ

Ashika Island is the new Resurgence-style map that arrived in both Call of Duty: Warzone 2 and DMZ with the Season 2 update last week. For Warzone 2 players, it’s a much smaller map that allows players to take advantage of the Resurgence rules, which allows for respawning. However, for DMZ players, Ashika Island is a much different experience, as there are new contracts and locations to explore. During this exploration, DMZ fans will stumble across dozens of keys and locked areas that they can’t get into.

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One of the core gameplay loops in DMZ is trying to find the right key to get into one of these locked doors/areas. While we can’t help you find any of the keys you might need, we can provide a map of every known locked area currently on Ashika Island in DMZ.

Ashika Island DMZ locked areas

Since Ashika Island is a much smaller map than Al Mazrah, there aren’t as many locked areas for players to find. However, there are nearly two dozen that have been discovered by the community. While there could be more, Redditor GNGNewsCOD put together an entire map that marks every currently known locked area on Ashika Island.

DMZ Ashika Island ALL(?) Locked Spaces
byu/GNGNewsCOD inDMZ

GNGNewsCOD has currently found 21 locked areas in DMZ on Ashika Island. This means there are at least 21 different keys for players to find on the island. Then, players need to pair up each key with its locked door on this map.

It should be noted that this map only includes the locked areas that have a door on Ashika Island. The locked caches are an entirely other entity, but GNGNewsCOD states they are working on a map for those as well. For now, though, if players have found on Ashika Island that they haven’t used, they should be able to find its destination using the map above.

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