All leaked killstreaks in Modern Warfare II so far
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II killstreaks
Provided by Activision

All leaked killstreaks in Modern Warfare II so far

The killstreak list is starting to come together

One of the most important parts of any Call of Duty title is the killstreaks. These serve as the incentive for surviving longer in a multiplayer match and can truly bring vast amounts of enjoyment to a game. In the past, titles that have featured strong and enjoyable killstreaks have generally been received better by fans than games that didn’t. While Activision hasn’t let anything slip about the killstreaks in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, a data miner is doing that work for them.

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Over the past two weeks, data miners have been able to dig into the Warzone Mobile game files and discover heaps of information about MWII. For some reason, the developers have put lines and lines of MWII code into the Warzone Mobile files. As of writing, these files still contain this information, which adds more credence to the information being accurate.

Of course, players should take all leaks with a grain of salt. However, the data miner who recently discovered some MWII killstreaks has been leaking accurate information about Call of Duty for several months. They also leaked the potential full perk list for multiplayer as well as a few Field Upgrades and several game modes.

Modern Warfare II leaked killstreaks

The data miner who keeps coming back with more information is @r3al1tyuk on Twitter. They recently dug up a few killstreaks that appear to be coming to MWII. Not only were the killstreak names found, but so were their icons. Below is a list of every known MWII killstreak found in the files.

  • UAV (4 kills)
  • Smoke Airdrop (4 kills) – Could be similar to a Care Package or the Weapon Drop from Modern Warfare
  • Fuel Bomb (5 kills) – The Predator Missile from previous Call of Duty games
  • Cluster Spike (5 kills) – The icon for this streak looks like the I.M.S., a placeable piece of equipment equipped with Bouncing Betties that goes off when enemies get near it
  • Thermobaric Strike ( 7 kills) – Like the Naplam Strike killstreak from Black Ops games

While there are only five streaks right now, Modern Warfare II will have far more than that when it launches on Oct 28. The question is, just how many will the game have and how strong will they be? Fans may have to wait until later this summer to find out any official news from Activision on this front.

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