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While we know that maps are getting changes and reworks for Counter-Strike 2, here is a list of all the confirmed maps for CS2 so far. This list will also include how many changes these maps are getting that we know of, from simple lighting updates to ground-up map rebuilds.

All maps in Counter-Strike 2

As a quick reference, as Valve said, touchstone maps mean maps that got minimal changes from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to CS2. Touchstone maps were just refreshed to look nice while keeping their structure for gameplay purposes. Updated maps are a little more significant, using more aspects of the Source 2 engine to add new elements.

However, the changes to the upgraded maps are still mostly visuals. Lastly, the overhauls are the revamps. This is where we’ll see the biggest changes, with maps remade from the ground up for balance purposes.

Counter-Strike 2 revealed
The map Dust 2 in Counter-Strike 2. | Provided by Valve.

Here is the list of all maps in Counter-Strike 2, in alphabetical order:

  • Aztec
  • Dust 2 – touchstone
  • Inferno – touchstone
  • Italy
  • Mirage – touchstone
  • Nuke – upgrade
  • Overpass – overhaul
  • Train – touchstone

As of right now, we don’t know which maps are just getting small updates or getting bigger overhauls asides from Overpass and Nuke. We know for a fact that Overpass is getting a ground-up rebuild for Counter-Strike 2. Plus, we know for a fact that Nuke is getting an upgrade, using the new aspects of the Source 2 engine to make it took fresh and new.

As for Italy and Aztec, while we know those two maps be in Counter-Strike 2, we don’t know which category they fall under. Make sure to keep posted on Counter-Strike 2 news here on Upcomer, as this post will update with new information around Counter-Strike 2 maps.

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