Counter-Strike 2 offically revealed, upgraded gameplay, maps revamped
Counter-Strike 2 revealed
The map Dust II in Counter-Strike 2. | Provided by Valve.

Counter-Strike 2 offically revealed, upgraded gameplay, maps revamped

The long-awaited reveal has finally come along

Valve has officially revealed Counter-Strike 2, the sequel to Global Offensive, with videos highlighting some of the key changes. From slightly adjusted to totally revamped maps and new functions for smoke grenades, we already know some of the biggest changes the sequel provides.

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Counter-Strike 2 is set to launch in summer of 2023. But the Limited Beta has opened today.

Fans had the general understanding that CS2 was on its way over the past couple of weeks. From source code reveals to the masses and the name’s trademark purchase, it was just a matter of time for the tactical shooter fans.

Revealed information on Counter-Strike 2

Smoke grenades get some big changes

To start, the official CS:GO Twitter account released the above video about Counter-Strike 2 and its new smoke grenades. Knowing how crucial these grenades are to strategies currently in CS:GO, the team has improved them. Now, smokes are consistent with every player and interact with the environment more, from lighting to fitting tight spaces better.

In addition to that, one of the most interesting new additions strategically is that bullets and grenades can partially clear smokes. Overall, the mission was to improve on how smoke grenades were used in the iconic shooter.

Maps get a variety of changes

Then, the second video from the reveal focuses on maps, and how they’ll change from CS:GO into CS2. No matter what, all maps are getting at least an improved visual update. Other maps are getting upgrades from the Source 2 engine to give out better lighting and graphics. Then, we have revamped maps, ones that are getting significant strategic changes from CS:GO over to CS2.

Gameplay changes for Counter-Strike 2 include sub-ticks

The biggest reveal for gameplay changes revolves around ticks. Long story short, ticks in CS:GO sometimes prevented players from doing what they intended, as the server would only register movements or shots at specific times. Now, with sub-tick intervals, the game aims to be a lot more accurate for players across the board.

Counter-Strike 2 is coming in Summer 2023

That’s right, the sequel to CS:GO is coming soon, with the release date sometime in the summer of 2023.

Not only that, but fans can go to the Counter-Strike 2 website to sign up for the limited test period once more information is revealed.

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