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Riot Games has announced that Akshan will be available on League of Legends: Wild Rift, from July 27. The newest Sentinels of Light member makes his debut in Wild Rift with a Battle Academia skin. Akshan will join Senna, Lucian, Vayne, Irelia and Riven in the Sentinels of Light event, to save Runeterra from Viego and his black mist.

All of Akshan’s abilities on Wild Rift

Akshan in Lane 1
Akshan in Lane 1. | Provided by Riot Games

Although Riot Games is yet to reveal a full breakdown of Akshan’s abilities in Wild Rift, players can expect them to be similar to the League of Legends release. The attack button situated at the bottom right corner will allow Akshan to use his passive ability, Dirty Fighting. With three hits, he deals a burst of physical damage and gains shield if the target was a champion. From the images revealed, all abilities in Wild Rift match the ones available in League of Legends. However, how they play and the full extent of the abilities on mobile will differ slightly.

Ability 1

Akshan’s first ability on Wild Rift is the Avengerang. With this ability, he throws a boomerang to deal physical damage, revealing enemies hit and extending his range on subsequent hits. So, any time the champion hits an enemy the boomerang will extend further. He can hit enemies once as the boomerang flies out, and another time as it returns.

Ability 2

Akshan Going Rogue on Wild Rift
Akshan Going Rogue. | Provided by Riot Games

Going Rogue is Akshan’s second ability in Wild Rift, containing both an active and a passive state. In passive, when the opponent’s champion kills one of Akshan’s allies, they are marked as Scoundrels. If Akshan takes down the Scoundrel, he gets bonus gold and then allies the killed Scoundrel. Furthermore, the active state camouflages Akshan for a short duration, or indefinitely if he is near the terrain.

Ability 3

Akshan in Lane 2
Akshan with Heroic Swing in Wild Rift. | Provided by Riot Games

This ability lets him fire a hook shot that embeds in the first terrain hit. Heroic Swing also allows Akshan to recast the swing when the hook is thrown towards terrain. While swinging, he fires damage bullets at the closest enemies. The ability’s cooldown resets when he earns a takedown on an enemy champion.

Ultimate Ability

Akshan’s ultimate ability is known as Comeuppance. With this, he locks onto an enemy champion and starts channelling power into his gun to store bullets. At the end of the duration, or after recasting, Akshan unleashes the stored bullets, each dealing physical damage based on missing health to the first minion, champion or structure hit. Additionally, he can move normally and cast Heroic Swing while channelling and firing Comeuppance.

Akshan’s Battle Academia Skin on Wild Rift

The Battle Academia is a series of alternate universe skins in League which have already found their way to Wild Rift. In that universe, champions go to a school that produces the next generation of superheroes.  So, we can anticipate a much different Akshan here, alongside the classic look. Lux and Ezreal are among the champions that Akshan will join with the Battle Academia skin option on Wild Rift. While there are no price details for Ashkan’s Battle Academia skin, players can expect it to be worth 990 Wild Cores, or more.

The Sentinels of Light event begin on Wild Rift on July 8, ending on August 10.