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Spanish developer Playstark announced their upcoming game Agents: Biohunters will be entering closed beta soon. If this is the first you are hearing of it, Agents: Biohunters is a competitive PvPvE third-person MOBA. The game will release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and it will not be free to play. However, it will have purchasable in-game content and a battle pass.

What is Agents: Biohunters?

There aren’t many games currently on the market that we can compare to Agents: Biohunters. On the surface, it could be described as either a third-person MOBA like Smite or an objective-based hero shooter like Overwatch. It has similar gameplay to the former and a visual design reminiscent of the latter, and yet it isn’t quite like either game.

In fact the closest thing that comes to mind is upcoming battle royale The Cycle, which is also entering beta in Q3 of 2019. Both titles are colorful shooters set on zany sci-fi worlds, and both have PvPvE gameplay. Both also have a giant alien rib cage on their map, which initially led us to think Agents: Biohunters was another battle royale.

The main thing that sets this new game apart is the interaction with monsters. While early gameplay footage shows a healthy amount of three-on-three brawling and MOBA tactics, winning clearly revolves around dealing with the giant creatures that spawn at set times in the match.

There are only a handful of competitive games out there with a similar premise. A notable example is Gigantic, another hero shooter that unfortunately shut down its servers last year. We don’t yet know how Agents: Biohunters will play exactly, but we sure hope it finds a way to make its unorthodox formula work.

Agents Biohunters hero design moba battle royale shooter

The Agents: Biohunters closed beta will begin Sept. 22. It appears it will be exclusively for PC playtesters. You can sign up for beta access on the game’s official site. Playstark had previously stated the game would likely release in summer 2019. If that happens — and the window is closing fast — it will almost certainly launch in early access form.

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