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Riot confirmed in an Ask Valorant post on Thursday that agent specific keybinds are likely coming to the game sometime during Episode Three.

Currently, in Valorant, players do not have the option to set up keybinds for specific agents. This means that changing one keybind will change it for every agent — so players cannot change Jett’s dash ability off of E without changing Sova’s E. This is something that Riot said it intends to change as soon as possible.

Episode Three is still a long way off, however. Right now, Valorant is in Episode Two Act One. There are three acts per episode, with each act lasting roughly three months. There are about three weeks left in the current act, meaning that agent specific keybinds won’t be in the game for quite some time based on the expectations Riot mentioned.

The community has asked for agent specific keybinds in the past, especially for Jett. One of Jett’s biggest strengths is her ability to dash out of scoping when using an Operator or Marshal sniper rifle. It is, however, difficult to hit the E key while holding down the D key to look through the scope. This is a very agent specific situation where rebinding the key could help players out.

The Ask Valorant post also discussed remaking games and agent select times in Spike Rush. Riot is currently looking into ways to expand on the remake system, which allows players to remake games if a player goes AFK in the first round. They are also considering lowering the amount of time players have to select Agents in Spike Rush to speed up the process.

As of right now, players will just have to continue playing without agent specific keybinds. Be sure to stay tuned with us at Daily Esports for all the latest Valorant Coverage.

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