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Since Call of Duty: Warzone released nearly two weeks ago, a few major problems have popped up. These issues range from powerful vehicles to explosives to rampant cheating. Out of these three problems, most fans would agree that cheating is the most threatening and irritating. Up until today, we’d heard nothing from Activision or Infinity Ward about the widespread issue. However, that changed when a blog post went live detailing what the developers are doing about cheating in Warzone, and how many cheaters have actually been banned.

Warzone cheaters put on notice by Activision

Cheating and hacking in battle royales have become a huge problem in recent years. With cheats like aimbots and wallhacks available to anyone with a PC, it’s fairly normal to see a hacker in any number of battle royales.

Apex Legends, Fortnite, and now Warzone have all struggled with this matter in the last year especially. However, Warzone has only been available for two weeks, giving fans more reason to complain about the problem.

As previously stated, neither Activision or Infinity Ward said a word until today. Though, what they did say is pretty comforting to those who wish to see a resolution. You can read the entire blog post from Infinity Ward on their website, but we’ll break down the key highlights.

Call of Duty Warzone Infinity Ward
Image via Activision

Essentially, the developers are aware of the issue and have implemented a number of ways to report and catch cheaters. From 24/7 support staff to more frequent updates, it looks like Infinity Ward are doing what they can to stop the bleeding.

Of course, this won’t stop someone who really wants to cheat. Even though developers have banned over 50,000 hackers, that hasn’t stopped cheaters in the past. It’s an unfortunate part of the online experience in PC titles that can only be mitigated by developers. Hopefully, it doesn’t completely ruin the experiences in Warzone.

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