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After over a year of anticipation, Call of Duty is finally launching its own Anti-Cheat software for Warzone and Vanguard. The software is called “Ricochet” and will, hopefully, put a stop to the rampant cheating issue that has plagued Call of Duty for the past couple of years. The software is mainly intended for Warzone, as that title has faced the majority of issues since its launch. As one would expect, it will be exclusive to PC and will take measures to ensure that no cheat gets through to the player base.

Ricochet is Activision’s work but the software is being designed by a separate, internal team. This team will ensure that the software stays up to date and that it’s taking the best steps to stop cheating. As for what Ricochet brings to the table, its main goal is to “combat cheating, introduce server-side tools, enhanced investigation processes, updates to strengthen account security and more.”

Ricochet brings Anti-Cheat to Warzone and Vanguard

Fans can expect Ricochet to launch later this year, likely when Vanguard and Warzone integrate with Season 1. For Vanguard’s launch, specifically, Activision will release server updates to ensure Warzone is ready when The Pacific map launches later that month.

In regard to Warzone, Ricochet will include a kernel-level driver that must be installed to play Warzone. This driver examines the user’s PC internally to detect any cheating software or hacks that may be on it. The driver is only active during the player’s time in Warzone and shuts off when the user exits the game. For Vanguard players, the driver will arrive at a later date, after The Pacific map for Warzone has gone public.

In the video explaining Ricochet, Activision states, “We are dedicated and determined to evolve the Ricochet Anti-Cheat system over time, fighting for the community against those that aim to spoil their gaming experience.” Time will tell whether Activision can live up to this commitment. However, at first glance, it appears that Warzone might be a safer place to play in the coming months.

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