A firing range is reportedly coming to Modern Warfare II
Modern Warfare II
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A firing range is reportedly coming to Modern Warfare II

A long-awaited feature might return for Modern Warfare II

Prior to Activision showcasing the global reveal trailer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, the publisher invited dozens of content creators to their studios in Los Angeles to playtest the game. As a part of this experience, the creators were able to play Modern Warfare II multiplayer and gather knowledge about the current build. According to those in attendance, namely YouTuber TheXclusiveAce, the Gunsmith in MW2 featured a firing range in the early build of multiplayer.

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A firing range is one of the most highly-requested features from Call of Duty fans. It is typically a place that’s dedicated to testing weapon loadouts before using them in-game. Call of Duty titles like World War II and Advanced Warfare had this feature, but it’s largely been absent from Call of Duty titles over the years.

However, according to YouTubers, there was a button that said “Go to Firing Range” within the Modern Warfare II gunsmith in multiplayer. XclusiveAce published a video that featured recreated images of what he saw at the early playtest. Below, you can view that video and see exactly what the current gunsmith apparently looks like in Modern Warfare II.

The firing range button is seemingly available at any time in the loadout-building process. Once players use it (in the current build, at least) they will be whisked away to another location where they have their current weapon loadout and a shooting target in front of them. YouTubers weren’t actually able to see the firing range itself, though, only the button that told them it existed. Developer Infinity Ward could add features to the firing range before launch, such as allowing players to have a moving target, putting it at different distances, etc.

As we move closer to the open beta of Modern Warfare II, we’ll likely hear more about the firing range. The open beta does not have a date as of yet, but MW2 releases on Oct. 28.

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