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With only a little over a day until launch, different aspects of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare are beginning to leak. People with early copies of the game are posting what they know all over social media. This includes the map names, weapon options, and various gameplay mechanics. While those are interesting, some players want to see all that has changed from the beta going into release. Though the beta was a big success, many want to see a number of things adjusted. Infinity Ward already accomplished a portion of this by changing the mini-map back to its normal state (somewhat). However, the mini-map was just the start of the gameplay changes in Modern Warfare. Here are three other changes that Infinity Ward made from the beta.

1. Lighting is improved across all of the maps

A consistent complaint from players in the Modern Warfare beta was the lighting of some areas. On various parts of different maps, there would be little-to-zero light, making it incredibly difficult to see anyone. If an enemy was camping in one of these dark areas, you stood no chance in a gunfight.

Luckily, Infinity Ward has reportedly changed this across all maps. Two major areas of concern were the Gun Runner vents and the Azhir Cave hallways. Leaked gameplay demonstrates both of these spots have been lit up along with the rest of the maps.

Image courtesy of GameWith

If there are any more spots with inadequate lighting, Infinity Ward should be able to make an adjustment relatively quickly.

2. No more black-and-white screen when you’ve been shot

Another huge annoyance from the beta was how your character reacted to being shot. If you took damage that brought you under half health, your screen would go black and white and start to shake. It was almost as if you were being hit by a flashbang.

Modern Warfare gameplay

Seeing as this was a major issue, Infinity Ward got right on it. In the full release version of Modern Warfare, your screen no longer changes pigments when being shot. The screen will still go red like in previous titles but doesn’t significantly hinder your ability to see.

3. Claymores have been nerfed

Finally, according to images from the game, claymores are less lethal than they were in the beta. While they still kill you if you walk by them, they are now much easier to see than they were in the beta.

Claymores have long been a staple of the Modern Warfare games, and it’s no surprise to see them return this year. However, in the beta, they were extremely hard to see due to the red lasers not sticking out far enough. Also, the lasers weren’t a very bright shade of red like they normally are.

Claymores look to be more visible. from modernwarfare

In the launch version of Modern Warfare, however, this has changed. Claymores are now much brighter and the lasers stick out roughly 50 percent further. We can see this demonstrated in the Reddit post above. This is a welcome change to many fans, as dying to a claymore can be infuriating at times.

Those are three gameplay elements that have changed in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare! Make sure to stay tuned to Daily Esports for all Modern Warfare coverage.

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