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The successful League of Legends K-Pop group K/DA will perform a brand new song with Seraphine for this year’s Worlds. The pop group will be a part of a bigger event featuring top artists, familiar faces, and new technology.

Riot Games had recently confirmed that K/DA is going to debut their new album, featuring a new face, Seraphine. In today’s private Worlds media event, Riot revealed their excitement over this new performance, which will include brand new never-before-seen technology.

Pushing the limits for the 2020 Worlds opening ceremony

The stage at Worlds will feature something much bigger than just K/DA. The performances will add new voices and Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality mixed technology. This year, Riot will be using a new version of Unreal Engine and will be the first-ever live multi-camera production using this technology. The stage will also include the use of 32K 60 FPS real-time rendering.

For those unfamiliar with AR/VR mixed technology, virtual reality can replace reality with a 3D digital environment. Augmented reality can overlay digital content over reality. Mixed reality content can superficially interact with the environment in real-time. This means that the possibly live audience will see another digital rendering of K/DA on stage.

Riot’s technology tease hints that this year may be more exciting than last year’s True Damage performance, which included holographic technology. The production of the opening ceremony will be in the hands of the teams who also produce the VMAs and Superbowl.

Head of Riot Music Group Toa Dunn announced that K/DA will kick off the show with a new song to promote their upcoming EP. Their recent single, “The Baddest,” pushed their Spotify count to 150 million and YouTube views to 370 million.

This year’s Worlds 2020 will take place from September 25 to October 31 with Finals going live in Shanghai, China. Stick with Daily Esports for more League of Legends news and updates.