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100 Thieves has responded to the allegations that Riot Games made against Valorant coach, Hector “FrosT” Rosario after a delayed match against Immortals. Riot Games stated that FrosT had made threats to the tournament official, leveraging the team’s social media against them.

100 Thieves issued an official statement regarding the allegations made against FrosT yesterday after Riot Games released an article detailing the incident. The statement openly disagreed with Riot’s competitive ruling against the coach and with the public release. 100 Thieves considered it a mischaracterization of the incident after they complied with the initial investigation.

Immortals and 100 Thieves faced off during the Upper Bracket of the Valorant Champions Tour: Stage 1 Masters. That match was delayed by one hour on the side of 100 Thieves. 100 Thieves believed that this ruling around the connection ping was unfair. Their reasoning was due to a conflicting ruling that had been made against them in a previous match against TSM.

In addition to the official statement, 100 Thieves also provided a four-minute video that detailed FrosT’s side of the original argument. As stated above, Riot Games claimed that FrosT had made threats to the tournament official, leveraging the team’s social media against them. No such threat is evident in the video. However, the footage does cut in and out at a specific time, making what happened before or after the clip unclear.

Riot Games responds to 100 Thieves, keeps ruling

Despite 100 Thieves’ claims of innocence, Riot Games stayed firm on their original ruling. In the original article, Riot Games added an additional edit regarding the video and statement from 100 Thieves.

Three independent witnesses provided testimony that FrosT made a statement to this effect. When asked directly about it in an interview by Riot League Operations personnel, FrosT admitted that he made this statement. Although 100 Thieves provided Riot with a clip showing FrosT’s side of the conversation that does not include this statement, they declined to provide the full video to Riot.

Riot Games

With the final comment from Riot Games, the ruling against 100 Thieves and their Valorant coach remains the same. While 100 Thieves did not agree with the statements against their coach, they still plan on paying their $5,000 fine.

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