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100 Thieves has released its entire apparel collection in Animal Crossing: New Horizons for Nintendo Switch. The popular esports organization has shared the news with its fans while providing codes for them to download. While plenty of people are at home playing the game, it’s the perfect time to advertise their merchandise.

The organization wanted to thank its fans for the immense amount of support it had received throughout the years. As a gesture of gratitude, fans can now wear apparel on their personalized characters. The collection includes their designs from 2018 all the way through now. Their famous baseball jersey is featured as well as their newest Numbers Collection.

Giving back to fans

100 Thieves recently donated $114,000 to the CDC Foundation by selling its jerseys over the weekend. The donation helps hospitals with medical supplies, lab staffing, and support during these difficult times. The organization uploading its free designs for Animal Crossing: New Horizons players is another small way it’s keeping fans entertained while they’re quarantined at home. 100 Thieves gave credit to two editors who designed the downloaded products. One of them shared their recent outfit with their Twitter followers, wearing 100 Thieves’ Atlas hoodie and their Numbers beanie.

Fans have been receptive to the release as they share their excitement on Twitter. These creations were all made specifically for the recently released New Horizons entry, allowing players to create their own looks from jerseys to hats and more. The 100 Thieves collection being available to fans digitally is another way they can enjoy the collection without spending money to purchase them in real life. Fans are already taking advantage of downloading and sporting every piece of item they can get their hands on, though these myriad codes will surely be around for a long time to come.

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