100 Thieves raise $114,000 to help the fight against COVID-19

100 Thieves raise $114,000 to help the fight against COVID-19

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Last weekend, 100 Thieves announced they would be releasing their jerseys and giving the proceeds to the CDC Foundation. The money would go directly to those impacted by the pandemic in the form of supplies and helping staff hospitals.

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Today, the organization announced just how much they had raised over the weekend with their jersey sales. A massive $114,000 was raised by those in the communities who wanted to support the organization and cause. In typical fashion, the jerseys all sold out in less than an hour. Additionally, the black ‘alternative’ jersey was the hottest hit, selling out in all sizes in minutes.

Both Dignitas and Cloud9 commented on 100 Thieves’ tweet, showing massive support for what they have done. Many others from the organization also took to the comments to praise the fans for making all of this possible.

100 Thieves continue to give back

This isn’t the first time 100 Thieves has raised thousands of dollars for a great cause. In December, the team raised over $100,000 for Gamers Outreach to support young children in hospitals. With over $200,000 donated in just a few months, there’s no telling what else they will accomplish for charity.

The CDC Foundation’s mission is to directly help those dramatically impacted by the virus. They support hospitals that are in dire need of staff and medical supplies. Vulnerable communities across the globe are also being helped by this foundation that aims to help eradicate COVID-19. The 182 teams that have contributed to this cause also include other big organizations like Lysol, Spotify, and BTS Army. As of April 6, the CDC Foundation has raised over $20 million to support those around the globe.

If you would like to donate to the CDC, click here.

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