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Nadeshot responds to 100 Thieves esports

100 Thieves Nadeshot responds to lackluster esports preformance

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100 Thieves CEO Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag on a stream finally spoke about 100 Thieves’ lackluster esports performance. Nadeshot started the stream early on August 10 to play Call of Duty: Warzone and prepare for an upcoming tournament. However, the beginning of the stream was delayed by Nadeshot addressing a Reddit post regarding 100 Thieves esports presence.

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Reddit user “GameofPain” made a post titled “State of Esports for 100T” on the official Reddit page addressing 100 Thieves’ various issues. The post itself had over 450 upvotes, 130 comments, and 1 Reddit award only two days after it was posted. GameofPain directly addressed the issues with the three main esports programs within 100 Thieves: Valorant, League of Legends, and CSGO. All three teams have had their own struggles in the past months that has resulted in a lack of progress. Fans of the organization took to Reddit to share their agreeance with the post, adding their own thoughts as well.

Other esports organizations like G2 Esports, Cloud9, and Team Liquid have all made jokes regarding 100 Thieves’ lack of success. These jokes have made 100 Thieves known as an apparel company that happens to have an esports team on the side. While these jokes are meant to be lighthearted, many fans are starting to realize how true they really are.

100 Thieves CEO responds

100 Thieves

Nadeshot began the discussion by admitting the teams’ lackluster performance and addressing the posts made on Reddit directly. The last team to perform at a high level was the Call of Duty team, which brought the organization their first two championships. Since then, 100 Thieves’ teams have continued to perform below average.

100 Thieves fans across social media have claimed that Nadeshot “doesn’t care” about bringing home championships as he claims. Nadeshot himself directly called out those fans and assured them that he cared more than anything about esports. He then goes on to explain how frustrated and unhappy he and the leadership team are with their performance. Nadeshot stated that he wants his followers to know that this is not their goal as an organization and that they will improve. However, we will have to wait until an official video comes out to know what the plans for improvement are. Nadeshot mentioned that an official statement video would be released in the future.

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