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100 Thieves has collaborated with popular third-person shooter Rogue Company to make in-game outfits and items. These purchasable skins have been teased since early last week, which has only added to the hype of the release. Today, the 100 Thieves outfit and gear bundles are available for purchase in Rogue Company.

The outfit bundle features 100 Thieves themed skins for Saint, Dima, Phantom, and Ronin. However, if the outfits aren’t your style, you can choose the gear pack instead. Weapon skins, gliders, and throwing axe skins can all be found in the gear pack. Each skin features the black, red, and white color palette that has become synonymous with 100 Thieves. In addition to the colors, these outfits contain the classic geographic patter from one of the original collections.

100 Thieves cut no corners with their reveal video as they brought each character’s outfit to life with some of their content creators modeling them. Brandon “Avalanche” Thomas, Nicole “Neekolul” Sanchez, and CEO Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag all dressed up just for the occasion. Since 100 Thieves is such a successful apparel brand, it came to no surprise that they actually made their outfits for the collaboration.

100 Thieves future for collaborations

This isn’t the first time that 100 Thieves has teamed up with a video game to put something in-game. Last year they teamed up with FIFA to add their 2019 Championship jersey as a jersey kit in-game. You were able to get the jersey free by completing in-game challenges within a set time period. The collaboration with Rogue Company this year shows that they are using different techniques to expand their brand.

100 Thieves RC skins

If you’re interested in getting these skin bundles for yourself, the outfit bundle will cost you 3,000 Rogue Bucks and the Gear Bundle will cost 1,250 Rogue Bucks. Unlike the FIFA promotion, these cosmetic features will cost money to obtain.

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