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Cloud9 have announced the return of Jesper “Zven” Svennigsen to their LCS starting roster on June 23,  after previously moving him to Academy. He will be starting in Cloud9’s match against Golden Guardians on June 25.

The organization made a Twitter post with a picture of the player and a caption that read: “He’s back”. Zven then quoted it saying: “Back from academy rehab and stronger than ever.”

Zven returns to Cloud9 roster from Academy stint

Just days before Summer Split began, C9 swapped their Academy and LCS AD Carrys. They promoted Calving “K1ng” Truong to the LCS starting AD Carry role. However, the change lasted for only three weeks with Zven back on the team.

In his short time in Academy, Zven holds the highest KDA with 64 kills to his name. C9’s Academy also sits in second place, having lost just three series so far in the Split.

K1ng and C9 three weeks of LCS action

K1ng came into the LCS with a difficult task ahead of him. The news that he had replaced Zven in the LCS starting roster did not go down well with some sections of the community. However, some were still excited for him, having watched his Academy performances. He currently occupies the second position for KDA of LCS ADC’s, according to Oracle’s Elixir. However, when compared with most ADC’s his kill numbers are low.

While K1ng has performed relatively well in the past few weeks, it simply has not worked out well for C9. Since the start of Summer Split, they’ve won just four games out of nine played. They are also on a three-game losing streak.  After beginning the Split in first place, C9 now sit in third place with a 17-10 record. The team has looked more vulnerable and lost in games played recently, especially in week three. The decision to reinstate Zven to the roster indicates their recognition that some form of change is needed to maintain their Spring Split display.

Cloud9 return to the rift on June 25 to face Golden Guardians at 9 p.m ET.

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