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In a pleasant surprise leading up to Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Gonzalo “ZeRo” Barrios has announced via his Twitter that he’s returning to competing. Universally considered the greatest Smash Wii U player of all time, Barrios announced his retirement on January 12, 2018. This turns out to be short-lived, as he will now be competing under the Tempo Storm banner.


A Smash legend in ZeRo

ZeRo has been playing Smash in various iterations since 1999. He has been known as ‘ZeRo’ since 2005. Beginning his competitive career in 2007, he landed his first big win when he received an invitation to the Smash Bros. Invitational. ZeRo smashed through the winning bracket and defeated Hungrybox, winning the first Smash Wii U tournament in a stunning upset.

ZeRo’s list of accolades include winning Apex 2015 and EVO 2015, and he boasts an impressive reign of 56 tournaments in a row. This streak lasted nearly a full year, starting from the game’s release. This accomplishment has placed him in the Guinness World Records 2017 Gamer’s Edition.

ZeRo vs. Mr. R
ZeRo defeats Mr. R in the memorable EVO 2015 Grand Finals

Barrios’ playstyle

Barrios is a stalwart Diddy Kong main in Smash 4 and remains so from the game’s release, despite several nerfs to the character. In Melee, he mains Fox. Recently, he stated in a Reddit AMA that in Smash Bros Ultimate, he is leaning towards Shulk and Diddy Kong once again. Barrios is noted for making very good reads – anticipating a player’s actions and acting accordingly – and always displays excellent command of Smash mechanics.

Why the sudden change?

ZeRo addressed his change of heart in the aforementioned AMA he did on Reddit. Barrios stated that while he has enjoyed focusing on content for the past 11 months, Smash Bros Ultimate has shaped up to be quite the game. He states that he enjoys playing at a high level in Smash. While he dislikes some aspects of the actual environment, he finds the actual gameplay extremely enjoyable. He also claims to have found a solid partnership with Tempo Storm after a lot of research and patience.

His reasons for originally retiring included lack of motivation and a dislike of traveling.

ZeRo is giving away swag!



In celebration of his signing to Tempo Storm, ZeRo is giving away two Nintendo Switch Smash Bros Ultimate bundles! In addition to following, retweeting and tagging a friend, here’s how to gain entry:

Participants can also gain bonus entries by subscribing to ZeRo’s YouTube and Twitch via Twitch Prime.

How do you feel about ZeRo’s return? Do you think he will be as dominant as he once was? Let us know!

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