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Youth Cancer Europe (YCE) has announced that it will be hosting its first-ever CS:GO esports tournament for charity.

Taking place online between September 5 and 6, the event will be open to players across Europe. One of the main objectives of the event is to raise awareness about mental health within the gaming communities.

Additionally, YCE plans to discuss mental health as a central theme in its global summit in 2021. The CS:GO esports tournament hopes to raise funds for the organization as well, which represents individuals across 31 countries who are affected by cancer.

YCE’s esports event arrives in the midst of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, where the unprecedented pressures on worldwide healthcare systems have affected access to screening, medicine, and the delivery of mental health services. According to YCE’s announcement, both patient organizations and charities around the world have also experienced a significant impact in terms of funding. This puts patients at increased risk.

By working with FaceIt, YCE invites CS:GO players of all levels to participate in the event and raise funds. Pro esports teams, such as Denmark’s Tricked and Portugal’s GTZ Bulls, will also be part of the tournament. This would allow amateur teams the chance to test their abilities against the best of the best.

Youth Cancer Europe hosts its first-ever CS:GO esports event for charity screenshot a
CS:GO screenshot. Image provided by Valve.

On September 5, the first stages of the event will be held before the both the semifinals and finals get played out on the following day. CS:GO teams can join the tournament by registering and making a donation. “The entry donation per team is 100 euro or 20 euro per player,” the sign up page detailed. Other donations may also be made during the livestreams. 

The YCE’s first-ever CS:GO esports tournament is championed by Emi Schipor, who is a young cancer survivor. In addition to being a YCE committee member, he is also a dedicated gamer. 

“Cancer treatment can prove to be a very isolating experience,” he said. “So not only did my time in hospital allow me to discover my passion for gaming, but by immersing myself in a different world, I was able to make my time there much more manageable.”

Schipor added how connecting with online gaming communities helped keep his mental health in check. As both a patient advocate and a gamer, he wants to merge both worlds together to raise awareness and support the YCE organization ahead of its 2021 global summit. 

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