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Yone and Yasuo’s past explored in new League of Legends cinematic

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Riot Games has released a ten-minute long cinematic, detailing the history between League of Legends champions Yasuo and Yone. The anime-styled feature includes some flashbacks and feuds, ending with a battle that brings both brothers together. Since Riot revealed Yone as the next champion on the rift, this cinematic gives players a taste of who he is.

Brothers torn asunder

The feature “King of the Stained Blade” opened with a battle scene between Yasuo and Yone that ended in Yone’s death. Recognized by Yasuo as a flashback, he quickly opens his eyes to find himself sitting amongst a crowd of villagers. He then bumps into an old villager, who suggests for Yasuo to follow him to his temple. This trip was meant for Yasuo to heal himself through the spirit blossoms, though it quickly went sour. 

The animation throughout the feature switches in styles as Yasuo revisits old memories of his past. These flashbacks ranged from his childhood with Yone, up until their final battle. The villager then gives Yasuo a drink, which caused him to choke. In the next few seconds, the villager turns into a monster with intentions to kill Yasuo. Luckily, a masked Yone comes to the rescue and quickly saves his brother. Because Yone is supposed to be dead, Yasuo is shocked to see him there. Together, they fight side-by-side to protect themselves from this monster. After their victory, Yone decides to leave the area, and Yasuo decides to leave Ionia.

Yone’s reveal

Riot recently released a Champion Insight page detailing information about Yone, and his past. Along with this, Yasuo’s original lore goes hand-in-hand with this cinematic. Players excited to play Yone have plenty of backstory for this champion, and they can see parts of his story in his abilities and interactions. Although Yone’s narrative is still quite mysterious, Yasuo being a big part of his life helps bring both stories together.

Yone is scheduled to go live in PBE soon, to be released in the next patch cycle. Stay tuned to Daily Esports for more League of Legends news.

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