#YADINHO: A Twitch love story from Brazil
Brazilian streamers Lindinho and Yayah kissing on stream sparked the #YADINHO hashtag
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#YADINHO: A Twitch love story from Brazil

This hashtag took over the internet, but what does it mean?
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On Friday, May 14, the Brazilian gaming community exploded with the hashtag #YADINHO. It quickly spread beyond Brazil and, suddenly, everyone was Tweeting about it. From content creators to esports organizations and European football clubs, the hype was real and everywhere. But what does it mean, exactly?

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#YADINHO is a combination of two popular Brazilian Twitch streamers’ names: Lindinho, known from his channel “deercheerup,” and Yayah. The two had been playing and streaming together during the pandemic and flirting along the way.

#YADINHO: from flirting online to dating in real life

Yayah is Brazilian and lives in Paraguay, while Lindinho lives in Brazil. This distance kept the two from meeting up for months while both their fanbases were hyped about the idea of the two officially dating. From Reddit posts to fan art, their fans joked, but still secretly hoped, that they would one day end up together in real life.

Lindinho was originally a character on the Twitch channel for the biggest streamer in Brazil, Gaules — who broadcasts Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournaments, among other things. When Lindinho started streaming his own CS:GO gameplay, he quickly grew in popularity. When Yayah, a variety streamer, met Lindinho, she began playing CS:GO with him.

On Thursday, May 13, Lindinho went live on Twitch from his phone and played some tunes on his guitar. However, much to the audience’s surprise, Yayah suddenly showed up next to him on the couch. The collab had not been announced ahead of time and was met with joy. After about 30 minutes, the chat edged them on to kiss, but Lindinho told the audience it wasn’t going to happen. Yayah, however, had different ideas and kissed him on the spot. Lindinho, in turn, dropped his phone in surprise, which promptly ended the stream. The audience, naturally, exploded with excitement.

Ever since this surprise, the hashtag #YADINHO has grown in popularity, catching the attention of the official Portuguese Manchester City Twitter page, as well as that of many other esports and streaming personalities.

Globo journalist Roque Marquez contributed to this story.

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