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When it comes to clutches in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, a few pro names come to mind. Andreas “Xyp9x” Højsleth is definitely one of the headliners of being a “clutch king.” Well, according to official HLTV data the Danish star is indeed the clutch king of CSGO. The former Brazilian teammates Marcelo “coldzera” David and Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo do not disappoint with their clutching ability either.

Firstly, we should perhaps remind ourselves what a clutch is exactly. It is a round won by a single player when he is left alone against an unspecified amount of enemies. It can be 1v1, 1v2, 1v3, and so on. It is no easy feat for anyone who has played the game long enough. Well, Xyp9x has done this 228 times. Not only that, the description specifies that this is a stat from big events, meaning he wasn’t going up against silvers or golds either. Those clutches were all against professional CSGO players.

What’s better than being called the clutch king in CSGO? Well, Xyp9x has also earned the most cash prize money from CSGO tournaments. How about being called the richest CSGO player and clutch king? Xyp9x will surely go down as being one of the greatest players of all time in this game.

But let us not forget about the former Brazilian duo of FalleN and coldzera. Despite some internal troubles at MIBR that led to coldzera resigning from the ranks of the team, both players impressed while SK Gaming was still a team. Sitting at 184 clutches, coldzera’s result is something he should be proud of. FalleN, however, sits just eight clutches behind, at 176. Coldzera’s absence from the Major may be a fantastic opportunity for FalleN to out-clutch his former teammate.

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