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On Tuesday at VALORANT Champions Tour Masters 2: Reykjavik, the underdogs X10 from Thailand took on Vikings. The match, like many other at the tournament, were plagued with technical pauses throughout the series. X10 player Nutchaphon “sScary” Matarat spoke to Upcomer about the match and the team’s approach going forward.

Perhaps the most overlooked team at the tournament, X10 are a squad almost no one outside of their region has heard of. At VCT Masters 2, X10 face the world’s top teams with not much experience against teams from other regions. However, with their strategy-heavy approach to the game, X10 put up a fight. They might have been 2-0’d by Vikings, but each map was close, and the Thai team and Patiphan “Patiphan” Chaiwong even came back from a 12-8 to force the first overtime of VCT Masters 2.

After the match, X10’s sScary spoke out about some of the technical glitches along the way and the “unprofessional” behavior of the Vikings coming out of technical pauses. He revealed that before the round that got rolled back, Vikings called a tech pause with one second left. Out of the break, the Brazilian team fully pushed middle, throwing X10 completely off. X10 ended up winning the round, but in the end, it didn’t count because of the technical pause. With the match being so close, this was a turning point for the match.

X10 will play Wednesday against Crazy Racoon in the first elimination match of VCT Masters 2.

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