Method becomes first to kill Queen Azshara

The guild manages their 13th world first raid clear.

World of Warcraft's Icon Sascha Heinisch · 28 Jul 2019


Image via Method

The World of Warcraft organization Method claimed another world first raid clear and are the first guild to clean the Mythic version of the Eternal Palace. It took them 359 kills in total to kill the last boss of the raid, Queen Azshara.

During the progression of the world first race, North American guild Limit made it competitive by killing the second-to-last boss, Za’qul, before Method, but couldn’t beat the European guild on the final boss. At the time of publication, Method remains the only guild to have beaten Queen Azshara.

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Method had been confident about their ability to clear yet another Mythic raid as the first in the world. Prior to the instance even opening, the organization put out a version of their own shirts which listed all their 12 prior World First raids dating back to 2012, as well as the kill on Queen Azshara as a mark of confidence.

Only two rank 4 essences dropped from the kill, granting the pet “Guardian of Azeroth”. Method’s Roger proudly presented a picture of the pet on twitter.

Method streamed their progress live on Twitch, averaging around 30,000 viewers during the entire 13-day progression phase and peaked at 130,000 viewers at the time of the final boss kill. Throughout their progression streams, Method set out to collect donations for Save the Children and ended at an impressive $66,320.54 at the time of writing.

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