Thrall returns to World of Warcraft in new cinematic

"Safe Haven" is more dangerous for the orc than it first seems

World of Warcraft's Icon Jess Simmonds · 17 May 2019


Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard recently released a new cinematic, “Safe Haven,” for World of Warcraft that hints at Thrall’s return to the Horde.

In-universe, the Horde is struggling with a leadership crisis following Sylvanas’s rise to power and the the atrocities she has committed as warchief. In the cinematic, Varok Saurfang tracks down Thrall, the former Horde Warchief, and finds him living a simple life on a seemingly deserted world. Disinterested in reprising his old position, Saurfang asks Thrall whether he knows the atrocities Sylvanas has committed while he has been in hiding.

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However, while talking with Saurfang, assassins appear and attempt to murder Thrall. The two Orcs manage to fend them off, but a realization dawns on Thrall: this will not be the last attempt on his life. He is no longer safe living a simple life, and he has no choice but to return to the Horde. With this, he picks up his weapons and goes with Saurfang, assumedly back to the frontlines.

This cinematic comes before a huge new update to the game called Rise Of Azshara. Although this update was already interesting enough due to the sheer amount of new content, it just become even more intriguing with the return of Thrall. It’s unclear what role Thrall will play in the new update, but since he agreed to return, he will most likely help Saurfang restore order within the Horde.

However, it is unlikely that the return of such a significant figure won’t stir up some feelings—and trouble—within the Horde. It will be interesting to see the direction in which the current story takes in Rise Of Azshara, and how Thrall fits into it.

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