The last Spring Cup of the WoW competitive season starts on Friday

World of Warcraft's Icon Alexander Lee · 20 Mar 2019


Photo via Blizzard Entertainment

Since February, the world’s strongest World of Warcraft teams have competed in the Arena World Championship, with contenders from both the North American and European regions showing up for five $10,000 USD “Cups” in the game’s Spring season.

This weekend, the sixth and final Spring Cup will go down online, giving competitors their last shot at qualifying for the season-ending LAN events.

The action starts on Friday, featuring a European top eight stacked with teams such as current leaders Method Black and Wildcard Gaming. The remainder of Europe’s top eight is composed of Change My Mind, The Pumpers, ABC, Choccy Milk Men, Plot Twist, and We Were Here.

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North America’s top eight begins on Saturday. The region’s current leaders are Super Frogs and The Boys, and the top eight will be rounded out by Method Orange, Never Lucky, The Move, M2KC, Storm, and Getchur Boy Dog. Each region’s winner’s final, loser’s final, and grand final will take place on Sunday, March 24.

Method Orange were last year’s AWC champions, with their European sister team Method Black tying for third place. Other contenders from last year’s AWC, such as The Gosu Crew and Pen and Paper, are absent from this year’s tournament. Meanwhile, over 72,000 teams have qualified for the leaderboard of WoW’s other major esports competition, the Mythic Dungeon International.

You can catch this weekend’s event on the official World of Warcraft Twitch channel. The streams will begin at 10am PDT each day.

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