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We are now through the quarterfinals at Worlds 2022 as the Pick’Ems battle hits the home stretch.

The quarterfinals featured several upsets, ranging from different champions to the drakes on the map. With all this, there is still no way to predict how Pick’Ems and Crystal Ball will end.

The Crystal Ball is the new category that started during Play-Ins with several questions for fans to get separate points and rewards.

After day 8 of Worlds 2022 group stage, here are the results from the Worlds 2022 Pick’Ems Group Stage Day 8. Stats are compelled from multiple websites like Gol.ggLiquidpedia, and Oracle’s Elixir.

Most picked: Sejuani (45)

Sejuani has finally made her way to the top of the leaderboard alone. Sylas is two games behind with 43, while Aatrox and Maokai are tied at 42.

Most banned: Caitlyn (75)

Caitlyn remains the most banned champion at Worlds 2022 with 75 bans so far. Yuumi has taken second place with 72; Aatrox is at 70.

Most deaths: Maokai (127)

Maokai has taken the death lead and ran with it. The second closest is Sejunai at 114.

Highest Winrate: Sivir (92%)

Sivir has the highest winrate so far at Worlds 2022. She is closely followed by Yuumi, who has a 86% win rate.

Most roles played: Maokai/Seraphine (3)

Maokai and Seraphine have both been played in three roles.

Highest KDA: TBD (T1 Gumayusi)

It is unclear if Fnatic’s Rúben “Rhuckz” Barbosa will count with him only playing two games. If he does, he is the KDA leader with 22. But for now, T1’s Lee “Gumayusi” Min-hyeong leads the active payers with a 18.5 KDA.

Most played champions: Vulcan/BeryL/Ming (11)

Two other players have caught up to Vulcan in champions played. BeryL and Ming now stand with Vulcan at 11. BeryL is the only player of the three remaining.

Most kills in game: Shogun (16)

There has not been a player that has matched Nguyễn “Shogun” Văn Huy’s 16-kill performance in the play-in stage so far at Worlds 2022.

First Blood: GALA (5)

RNG’s bot laner Chen “GALA” Wei has five first-bloods at Worlds 2022 but his tournament run is over.

Most played champions (Team): EG (43)

EG exited Worlds 2022 as the current leader in most unique champions played with 43. Worlds 2022 set a new record for unique champions pick with over 100 champions picked or banned.

Total pentakills: 2

The Worlds 2022 quarterfinals ended with no pentakills.

The two pentakills came into play during the play-in stage.

Most killed Drake: Hextech (100)

Hextech continues to lead in the Drake deaths category with 100. Infernal is second with 94.

Baron Steals: 7

There have been seven Baron steals at Worlds 2022.

Longest game duration: 44:51

The longest game of Worlds 2022 did change from the group stage as Game 5 of the Gen.G versus DWG KIA quarterfinals set was a banger. However, the new longest game didn’t move the Pick’Ems needle.

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