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With Worlds 2022 already in day 4, there is a lot at stake for many fans closely following their Pick’Ems. With several upsets already happening in the group stage, different champions and Drakes on the map, there is no way to predict how Pick’Ems and Crystal Ball will end.

The Crystal Ball is the new category that started during Play-Ins with several questions for fans to get separate points and rewards.

After day 4 of Worlds 2022, here are the results from the Worlds 2022 Pick’Ems Day 4. Stats are compelled from multiple websites like Gol.gg, Liquidpedia, and Oracleselixer.com.

Most picked: Aatrox (31)

Aatrox has been one of the favorite picks in top lane since Worlds 2022 started, so it is no surprise to see it leading the charts. It is now followed by the Azir (26) who has been the most picked champio of the Worlds main event.

Most banned: Caitlyn (42)

Caitlyn has been a force to reckon with in the early game and most teams are taking no chances allowing the bot lane champion slip through the ban phase. Other champions like the Yuumi, Kalista, Aatrok, and Maokai are also in contention for most banned.

Most deaths: Leona (92)

Leona continues her reign with the most death at Worlds 2022. This is no surprise as engage champions are back in the meta and she is always a comfortable pick for most players.

Most roles played: Maokai (3)

Maokai still holds the title for most roles played at Worlds. The champion has been played in three roles so far and has now become a flex pick for versatile teams.

Highest KDA: TBD (RNG Wei)

The player with the best KDA will be determined at the event. However RNG currently lead the race for the title. Both RNG’s Yan “Wei” Yang-Wei and Chen “GALA” Wei currently have a 42.0 and 40.0 KDA respectively.

Total pentakills: 2

The first half of the Worlds 2022 group stage ended with no pentakills. The two pentakills were gotten during the play in stage. There have been two quadra kills by T1’s Lee “Gumayusi” Min-hyeong.

Most killed Drake: Hextech (64)

The Cloud Drake was the most killed in the Play-in stage but things have changed with Hextech taking over. Since the beginning of the group stage, the Hextech Drake has been killed 26 times.

Longest game duration: 44:48

There has not been any game longer than 39 minutes in the group stage. So, LOUD verus DFM game from Play-ins still hold the record.

Note: The highest win rate for a champion has already been locked in in with Tahm Kench. He was the first champion to reach 5 wins at Worlds 2022.

With each team having three games left, there is still enough time for teams, players and champions to take the lead in Worlds 2022 Pick’ems.


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