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On the most exciting day at League of Legends Worlds 2022 so far, Group C delivered unreal champion picks, results and finishes. If you missed out on Day 7 of the group stage, Upcomer has you covered. Here are the best moments in this Worlds 2022 Day 7 wrap-up.

Best Clip of the day: Levi versus the Beast Titan 2

It’s like we’re having déjà vu; Đỗ “Levi” Duy Khánh’s base defense against Top Esports to keep GAM Esports alive was without a doubt the highlight of the entire tournament this far. Nothing has been more exciting at this year’s world championship; this is the reason why we watch League of Legends, and the reason why wild card regions deserve their place in the group stage.

Player of the day: TES Jackeylove

Levi may have stolen the show, but let’s not kid around; Yu “JackeyLove” Wen-B was the best performer of Day 7 at Worlds 2022. After missing out on Worlds last year, JackeyLove came back to Worlds 2022 with a chip on his shoulder — but even though TES were eliminated early in the day, the TES hyper carry bot laner tried to do everything in his power to drag his team across the finish line. He single-handedly kept TES in the game against GAM with an Elder Dragon steal and even when his team was eliminated, he made Rogue look silly with a brilliant performance on Draven going 9/1/1. Just know it wasn’t your fault, JKL.


Most memorable moment: The sheer amount of unique champion picks

Group C might not have the most exciting players or teams but Group C definitely had the most exciting moments. With all four teams playing for their world championship lives, none of them played it safe. This late into the world championships, Rogue, DRX and GAM brought out all the secret champion techs. GAM picked Karthus jungle, DRX brought out the Ashe and Heimerdinger bot lane and Rogue ran Rumble top lane with Nasus support. Day 7 of Worlds 2022 was a phenomenal day of League of Legends as the record for most unique champions played at a world championship grew even further.


Best Quote: Rogue goes Rogue

GAM hand-delivered Rogue a spot in the quarterfinals on Day 7 of Worlds 2022. Their loss to Rogue — followed by their exciting win against Top Esports — made sure that Rogue would be the first and probably only western team to qualify for the quarterfinals. But to repay the favor, Rogue had to keep the gas pedal pressed for GAM’s sake. But instead of taking care of business against DRX, Rogue trolled their draft. Rogue’s lost to DRX eliminated GAM and GAM swung back at Rogue on Twitter.

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