Worlds 2022 group draw roundtable: Results, reactions and analysis
Worlds 2022 One & Only
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Worlds 2022 group draw roundtable: Results, reactions and analysis

Play-ins starts on September 29th and the Main Event on October 7th

With the League of Legends World Championship group draws are done and there is plenty to talk about as Worlds 2022 officially kicks off. Who will make it through Play-ins? Who got stuck in the group of death? Who lucked into the group of life?

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But most importantly, whose spicy prediction is on the level of a Carolina Reaper?

Here are Upcomer’s reactions to the Worlds 2022 group draw.

Which of the two Play-in groups is the most interesting and who is getting out?

Worlds 2022 Play-in draw
The Worlds 2022 Play-in draw | Image provided by lolesports

Warren Younger: These might be the two most lopsided groups I’ve ever seen. With that said, Group B will be a bloodbath, as they have arguably the three best teams in the entire play-in stage in the same group. Royal Never Give Up will most likely get out as the first seed while DRX should slot in nicely in the second spot from Group B.

That leaves MAD Lions playing Group A’s second seed for the last spot in the group stage. It seems to be a two-team race for Group A with Fnatic and Evil Geniuses. I believe we will be seeing a 2022 LEC Summer playoff rematch between Fnatic and MAD for the last spot with Fnatic coming out on top once again. EG, RNG, Fnatic and DRX while likely be the four teams advancing.

E.G. “Megalodontus” Kant: Group B 100%. What kind of sorcery made this group happen??? Three major region teams in 1 group? Diabolical. The VCS’ return to Worlds with Saigon Buffalo, one of the projected strongest teams from the minor leagues, has also been drawn in here. I think RNG should be favorites to get out but with their recent run of form and the 12.18 patch incoming, who can say? All Group A knows is it doesn’t matter who’s first, they will be worrying who they have to face in second.

For Group A, it looks like a straightforward Fnatic first place; but for me, it depends which Fnatic shows up on the day. EG will be desperate to make first but will have to probably contest Beyond Gaming and DetonatioN FocusME, and hope they come out on top. Both groups will be the usual race for first, but more so for Group A, just to avoid the powerhouses from their neighboring group.

Brieuc “LEC Wooloo” Seguer: Group A is not the answer here! Personally, I struggle to have interest in play-ins as much as I do for the group stage each year. This is often because of how much stronger the teams from the big regions are. With DRX, RNG and even MAD Lions, we’ll have some very interesting battles at play-ins!

On top of that, Saigon Buffalo can for sure change things up here with some upsets. I’ll be watching Group B with a lot of attention. Honestly in group A I’m just expecting EG and FNC to make it out.

Michael “Miko” Ahn: RNG, out of all the LPL teams, is the worst fit for the projected Worlds meta. Even with that being in consideration, I find it hard to think of a world where they do not make it out of Play-Ins.

If there is a major upset, it will be in Group A where the 2nd or 3rd place slot can be muddled if EG were to drop games against the likes of DFM or BYG. The current meta is very befitting Evi, who can pilot Aatrox and Gnar at a World class level. Entering elimination as 3rd seed from Group A can result in them potentially playing against DRX or RNG, which they would want to avoid at all costs.

What is the group of death (hardest group) at Worlds 2022?

Worlds 2022 groups draw
The Worlds 2022 groups draw | Image provided by lolesports

Younger: Group A is crazy and is definitely the group of death. Even though it feels bad for NA fans at first glance, T1 and EDG have not been as good in the summer as many remember from spring and 2021 which may actually give C9 better chances than expected. This really is the group of death for that reason with Fnatic most likely joining them after play-ins.

Megalodontus: On paper I’d say A due to how close the group could be, but I also think one could make a strong case for Group B. JD Gaming should undoubtedly be the favourites as LPL champions and they’ve a point to prove from their last venture in 2020, but I wouldn’t dismiss G2 Esports or DWG KIA either as both teams too are looking for a slice of redemption. Especially on a new patch in 12.18, I believe the group will be fiercely contested.

If by chance both LEC seeds make it out of Play-ins as well, we could see a revitalised MAD Lions or even Fnatic drawn here since the region protection rules will not apply then. If it’s really Fnatic that’s drawn here, Group B will stand for ‘Bonkers’ or just plain old ‘Blimey!’.

Also, a special mention for me is Group C. If DRX makes it from Play-ins they should be drawn there and that group will be in for a bloodbath.

LEC Wooloo: Group B doesn’t especially have the strongest teams in the world but this will be a bloodbath as to who will make it out. It will be a tough battle even with whoever joins the group as fourth seed.

G2 on a good day at MSI could beat both T1 and RNG, in Best-Of-Ones I could see them do that again. I can also see them completely fail to make it out. In fact, any of those teams could top the group in a convincing manner, the reason I’d call it the group of death is because it’s impossible to predict who will.

Miko: It has to be Group B given how all three teams have different styles with relatively similar levels of execution. JD Gaming is known for their early game emphasis revolving around Yagao and Kanavi. Damwon Kia actively plays the 2-3-0/0-3-2 deviation to constantly attack the map. G2 plays for plays on side lanes through quick 4-1-0/0-1-4 collapses. Watching these three styles clash will be a spectacle to behold.

What is the group of life (most wide-open group) at Worlds 2022?

Younger: There really won’t be a group of life this year seeing as each group has at least two contenders. Group D on the initial draw seems open but RNG is most likely to slot in. Group C is also pretty wide open as the only top team is Top Esports. Rogue and GAM Esports love their chances of getting out and the play-in team coming into the group will also think they have a chance to get out.

Megalodontus: Group D probably, but it depends on who enters this group from play-ins, which should be RNG. How well they do, in my opinion, depends on how they fare in 12.18 as the MSI champions’ form has not been stellar. With LCK champions Gen.G, PCS champions CTBC Flying Oyster and 100 Thieves, the group overall does not look as stacked as the others even though they have some heavy hitters. I think if there was to be a group that could give hope for some upsets and see one of the smaller teams sneak into top 8, it will be this one.

LEC Wooloo: It’s hard to find a group of life nowadays with how many more teams come from major regions. However, Group C seems to be the most open to me. Yes, TES is a big contender, but they’re probably extremely confident in making it out of this group.

Miko: With Group C and D, first place teams are relatively easy to predict (Top Esports and Gen G). Since DRX will be slotted into Group C if they qualify (they should), they should have no problem dismantling Rogue who has a very similar style to LiiV Sandbox, who DRX beat to make it to Worlds in the first place.

In addition, the meta is heavily not in favor of RNG’s style of play with 100 Thieves’ conservative, teamfight centric approach being more aligned with the meta. If there is any hope for North America, it would be in Group D.

What are your spicy predictions based on the Worlds 2022 group draw?

Younger: Just like I said last year, I believe there will be the same amount of LCS reps in knockouts as LEC teams.

Megalodontus: RNG will make it through to Group D and all four LPL teams will end first in their groups and it will be an all-LPL semifinals. Now excuse me as I’m off to check my PayPal account…

LEC Wooloo: A few teams from the LPL and LCK will not make it out of groups. We’re all looking at who the strongest teams are right now and remember who topped recent tournaments, in practice such an important tournament is a lot about the mental. When there’s so many Eastern teams, it’s likely that a few disappoint.

I’m expecting at least two Western teams to make it out of groups. Also, both MAD and Fnatic will make it to the group stage.

Miko: JDG will lose to G2 and not make it out of the Group Stage. JDG’s early game centric plan is heavily scoutable and G2 is famous for developing unique champion counterpicks to neutralize enemy laners. Without their early game crutch, JDG is very underwhelming in the mid game. 369 notably struggled with proper positioning and it’ll be punished by the likes of G2.