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Every year since Season 2, Riot Games has revealed and then released a championship-themed skin around their League of Legends World Championships season. Beginning in 2012 with Championship Riven, all the way through 2020 with Championship LeBlanc, the Worlds-themed skins have become a tradition in the League of Legends cosmetics library. Today, Riot Games revealed Worlds 2021 Jarvan IV as the next skin in that prestigious line.

While Riot seemingly changed up the naming convention with this year’s skin from “Championship” to “Worlds (Year),” the new Jarvan IV cosmetic retains the same blueish aesthetic that nine of the previous 10 skins utilized. The lone outlier was last year’s Championship LeBlanc skin, which ditched the traditional blue for a more pink and purple themed aesthetic instead.

Championship skin: Worlds 2021 Jarvan IV

As shown in the new PBE trailer on the League of Legends Twitter account, Worlds 2021 Jarvan IV is an absolutely badass cosmetic. Using the colors of Riot’s Summoner’s Cup, the skin comes with very high quality customizations.

As part of his recall animation, Worlds 2021 Jarvan spawns a platform in which he plants his lance to build himself a champion’s throne. His ultimate looks even better. When Jarvan’s R ability Cataclysm is used, the champion spawns a circular wall of silver and blue dragon-shaped gargoyle statues. Players have arguably never been able to trap their opponents in such epic style before.

Released in March of 2011, Jarvan IV is one of League’s oldest and most iconic champions. Jarvan now joins three of League of Legends’ four most prestigious skin lines. He was the first champion to receive a ranked rewards Victorious skin back in Season 1. Jarvan was then given a Hextech skin in April of 2019. Now, he has been added to the Championship skin line. The only prestige-tier limited skin that Jarvan has yet to receive is the aptly named Prestige Edition mythic skin line. He’s even a member of two World Champions skin rosters: Fnatic (2014) and SSG (2018).

Worlds 2021 Jarvan IV price and release date

Following the trend set by previous Championship skins, we can assume that Worlds 2021 Jarvan IV will be classified as an “Epic” tier skin and come with a price tag of 1,350 RP. While Riot has yet to announce an official release date, these skins tend to come out at the end of Sept. on the lead up to Worlds.

As Upcomer broke late last month, Worlds 2021 has moved from China to Europe. We now know that the country the event will be held in is Iceland. To prepare for Worlds, fans can check out our running list of all the teams that have qualified for the huge event so far.

All Championship skins in League of Legends history

As mentioned above, League of Legends has been rolling out a Championship-themed skin during Worlds season since 2012. Listed below are all 10 of those skins along with their champions.

  • 2012 (Season 2): Championship Riven
  • 2013 (Season 3): Championship Thresh
  • 2014 (Season 4): Championship Shyvana
  • 2015 (Season 5): Championship Kalista
  • 2016 (Season 6): Championship Zed
  • 2017 (Season 7): Championship Ashe
  • 2018 (Season 8): Championship Kha’Zix
  • 2019 (Season 9): Championship Ryze
  • 2020 (Season 10): Championship LeBlanc
  • 2021 (Season 11): Worlds 2021 Jarvan IV