Worlds 2021 groups Day 3 Review: The LPL and LCK run the show
TL Alphari after losing to Gen.G
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Worlds 2021 groups Day 3 Review: The LPL and LCK run the show

Concerns for the West as all teams finish Day 3 without a win, while LCK, LPL and PCS shine
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Day 3 of the 2021 League of Legends World Championship group stage was one to forget for all Western teams as they finished with a 0-6 record. Most games were one-sided, with the LPL and LCK favorites running the show.

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Player of the Day: LNG Icon

LNG’s mid-laner Xie “Icon” Tian-Yu has not had the easiest Worlds so far, but things are starting to look good for him. After an incredible deathless performance on LeBlanc against Team Liquid on Day 2, he repeated the same feat against MAD Lions. He finished that game with a 7/0/4 Kill/Death/Assist ratio on the Syndra. He was also crucial in all team fights giving MAD no room for a comeback. LNG currently sit in first place with Gen.G in Group D after winning two games so far.

Most memorable moment: T1 demolishing 100 Thieves with a Poppy Jungle

The last game of Day 3 saw T1 flex Poppy in the jungle, catching 100 Thieves unawares. T1 dominated the game from start to finish with over an 11,000 gold lead and 17 kills. They also lost only one tower throughout the game. T1’s Moon “Oner” Hyeon-joon went deathless on the Poppy with a 3/0/6 KDA. T1 currently sit second behind group favorites, Edward Gaming and will fancy their chances of advancing to the knockout stages in the coming days.

Best Quote: Tyler identifies Lil Nas X as the West’s hope

After a 0-6 record on Day 3 at Worlds 2021, Western fans are starting to lose hope in their representatives. However,  Upcomer’s Tyler “FionOnFire” Erzberger identified Lil Nas X as the “only man who can save Western League of Legends in week two.” Hopefully, the teams feel more recharged heading into the second week with this secret buff.

Best clip on Day 3 of Worlds 2021: Closer’s flash baron steal against T1

Even though 100 Thieves lost the game against T1, Can “Closer” Çelik’s Baron steal with a 10,000 gold deficit was one of the bright moments of the day. The 100 Thieves jungler flashed into the Baron pit and was able to smite away the Baron despite all members of T1 being present in the area.

What’s next at Worlds 2021?

The second half of the double round-robin will begin at 7 a.m ET on Friday. FunPlus Pheonix and DWG KIA will kick things off with a rematch, with all teams in Group A playing repeatedly. DWG KIA will end things off with the last game of the day against Cloud9 in what could be a very important game for the latter team. No games will be played on Thursday, as all teams have a one-day rest before the crucial second half of the group stage begins.

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