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While Day 1 of the group stage was filled with one-sided games all day, Day 2 felt like the exact opposite. In a day featuring many games going past the 30-minute mark, spectators were left with high blood pressure — and some fans even got the payoff they wanted. Everyone else got their hearts broken. But regardless of anyone’s feelings, here are the best moments of the day at Worlds 2021 group stage.

Player of the Day: EDG Scout

In one of the most anticipated matchups of the Worlds 2021 group stage, Edward Gaming’s mid-laner Lee “Scout”  Ye-chan got the best of the demon king himself, Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok. This match was the student vs the teacher, and Scout piloted Sylas to perfection. In terms of Kill/Death/Assist Scout embodied that literally. With a master class showcasing the power of using the enemy champions global ultimates against themselves, Scout proceeded land in the right place at the right time, every time. EDG cleanly routed T1 and reminded everyone there is a reason why they’re a Worlds 2021 favorite.

Most memorable moment: MAD Lions equalize Group D

After being on the bad side of yesterdays’ most memorable moment, the League of Legends European Championship first-seed, MAD Lions, played up to their expectations and showed their potential on Day 2. Going up against the League of Legends Champions Korea second-seed, Gen.G, MAD Lions navigated a back and forth affair and took down the group leaders to put themselves at 1-1.  With the win, the entirety of Group D now at 1-1 records, the group of life at Worlds 2021 is living up to its name, and MAD Lions are the biggest reason for it.

Best Quote: Cloud9 with the NA special

Throwing a lead against a Worlds favorite? That’s the NA Special. This Cloud9 social media post says it all.

Best Clip: Rogue win an insane team fight down 7k gold against DWG KIA

Rogue took a chance against DWG KIA. By locking in Fiddlesticks jungle for the first time all tournament, Rogue showed they weren’t scared to try something new. However, 30 minutes into the game, that pick was backfiring, hard. But despite being 7,000 gold down, Rogue found the perfect timing to execute an insane, come-from-behind teamfight, which gave fans everywhere hope that the reigning Worlds 2020 champs can bleed.

While this fight showed a glimpse of Rogue’s potential, it, unfortunately, was just a glimpse. Rogue went on to lose in a heartbreaker. But at least the match was fun to watch.

What’s Next?

The final day of the first half of the double round-robin will kick off at 7 a.m. ET on Wednesday. The most anticipated matches include the battle of the unexpected 1-1 teams, FunPlus Phoenix and Rogue. 100 Thieves will get a chance to play against Faker and the rest of T1. MAD Lions will go up against LNG Esports and Team Liquid will take on Gen.G.