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Welcome to the daily Worlds 2021 match ratings. Every day, I, your designated guinea pig and critic, will watch all of the world championship games so you don’t have to. I will be here to dish out star ratings for every game (and then series once we hit the best-of-five matches) and let you know if I recommend the slew of fights that day at worlds.

My rating scale is from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest) stars. Here’s what each star rating means in layman’s terms:

* = Boring. Utterly skippable and something no one will remember by tomorrow.

** = Watchable. Possibly recommended based on your rooting interests.

*** = Good. Something I’d recommend checking out, even if you’re not a fan of either team.

**** = Must-watch. A game or series that you need to watch if you have any interest in League of Legends.

***** = An all-time classic. This perfect rating is only achievable if a game or match is at the highest level of entertainment, gameplay and will go down in the lexicon as a moment no League of Legends fan will ever forget.

Without further ado, here are my match ratings for Day 4 of Worlds 2021.

Galatasaray vs. Beyond Gaming (Best-of-five)

Game 1:

**** stars

After almost every day of Worlds 2021 thus far beginning with a dud or a game that tried its best to put me back to sleep, we were delivered a banger today in the opener of this do-or-die series.

Comebacks, outplays and more, there’s not much else you can ask for in an opener of a series in the play-in rounds. While it not being the highest level possible knocks it down, it’s still easily a four-star game any League of Legends fan should go back and watch.

Game 2:

**** 1/4 stars

What the hell is this series? Another incredible comeback defined by big plays, sprawling teamfights and heroic, individual performances on both sides. If this series could somehow extend to five games we might be watching a new instant classic in world championship history.

Game 3:

** 1/2 stars

Chiu “Doggo” Tzu-Chuan. That’s it. That’s the review.

Game 4:

*** 1/2 stars

Is Doggo having one of the greatest best-of-five performances at Worlds in recent history? Beyond’s ace is carrying his team in a backpack and doing his best to get them over the line for a meeting with Hanwha Life Esports.

This is no ROX vs. SKT in New York City with the level of gameplay shown this series, but it’s impossible to say that it isn’t entertaining in its own right. There’s one more game with a chance to cap off what could be not only the best play-in series of all time, but the best individual performance as well from Doggo.

Game 5:

**** 1/2 stars

What a series and what a final map. When “Silver Scrapes” plays and a Game 5 happens, it’s not often the finale lives up to the rest of the series. This time, the madness of the series was perfectly encapsulated in this fifth map.

Overall series rating: **** 1/4

It’s hard to ask for anything more from a play-in series. The sloppiness of the series made it so that this couldn’t near a five-star rating but the chaos, the back and forth nature along with the heroics of Doggo created what might be the most fun I’ve ever had watching the Worlds play-ins.

PEACE vs. RED Canids (Best-of-five)

Game 1:

*** 1/2 stars

A day of interesting (albeit messy) games continued with the opener between Oceanic and Brazilian champions. It didn’t quite meet the craziness of the previous series but a definite recommended game between two teams close in overall skill.

Game 2:

** 1/4 stars

We actually might be going a full day with 10 games played at this rate. Nothing to really spotlight in this game aside from the winning team getting ahead early and being one of the few leading teams all day to not throw it away.

Game 3:

* 1/2 stars

I only really recommend this game if you’re a big fan of Poppy or you enjoy seeing Aatrox hop around, Goomba-stomping enemy champions. In a day filled with interesting and high-octane games, this one is the first skip of the day unless, you’re a completionist. Even then, your time is precious. Put this on 2x speed and rush through this one.

Game 4:

* 3/4 stars

Let’s just put on “Silver Scrapes” again, shall we? As with the last game, fast forward through this one-sided affair unless you’re a completionist or just really love watching every single League of Legends game imaginable. While the overall series grade won’t match up with the first best-of-five series, which was more entertaining (and, in my opinion, featured bit higher level of play), a classic fifth game might take this match into four-star territory.

Game 5:

* 1/4 stars

Wow, what a letdown for a fifth map. This game was over by the seventh minute. This would be like going on a first date, dressing up in your nicest clothes and then before you even order, your date gets up and leaves the restaurant. All of this time and effort watching this series and it ended in a flop of a final game.

Overall series rating: ***  1/4 stars

It’s impossible not to recommend a best-of-five, but the last three games were a snooze. When you get into the back half of the series, you want to see some close games and excitement, and this series just lacked that in the end, with the final game being one of the more one-sided stomps of the entire tournament, thus far.

The winning team looked impressive in victory but as someone looking at these games objectively in terms of entertainment and game quality, you could fast forward through most of the final three games and not miss anything.

Closing Recap:

# of * matches: 9

# of ** matches: 12

# of *** matches: 7

# of **** matches: 4

# of ***** matches: 0

Match of the day: BYG vs. GS, Game five (**** 1/2)

Series of the day: BYG vs. GS (**** 1/4)