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Just about every year at the League of Legends World Championship we have a busted champion or two that complete the whole tournament with 100% presence, meaning they are either picked or banned in every single game played. The opening day of the play-in stage for Worlds 2021 has left us with four possibilities for that 100% rate, with Miss Fortune picked in every single game.

Since Season 3, there have only been two years without a 100% presence champ. First was 2018 in Korea, where Aatrox missed one single game. Then in 2020 in China Ornn and Nidalee sat at the highest rate with only 89.5%. But otherwise, there has always been one. Zed in 2013, Alistar in 2014, Gangplank in 2015, Nidalee in 2016, Kalista in 2017 and Pantheon in 2019. Unsurprisingly, most of them are nearly entirely banned out rather than picked consistently, because they’re deemed too powerful to hand over to the opponent.

With that pattern in mind, it’s unlikely Miss Fortune will stay at a 100% presence unless she begins to prove unbearable to play against, as she’s not been banned a single time. However, her win rate sits at 75%, so teams may begin to remove her from the table if she continues to Strut her stuff. The three others with her — Lee Sin, Lucian and Irelia — each have six bans to only two picks, making them more likely candidates to race for the 100% presence rate throughout the length of the event. That said, their combined win rate through their six games played is only 33%.

After his win against DetonatioN FocusMe, Cloud9 bot laner, Jesper “Zven” Svenningsen, explained his understanding of Miss Fortune’s benefits for a team composition. He first brought up the various nerfs to many of the typical botlane champions, like Kalista, Varus, Aphelios and more, along with some systems nerfs that didn’t affect Miss Fortune’s strength. “She just naturally rose in priority because of all these things getting nerfed a little bit,” Zven said.

He also cited the Amumu buff as another boon for ‘The Bounty Hunter,’ due to their innate synergy. Finally, he noted that her ease of play makes her great for the play-in teams to operate, subtly hinting that she may not remain at 100% presence when the more experienced and complex teams take over in the group stage next week.