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Riot Games has officially announced the Worlds 2021 English on-air broadcast talent that will be casting and hosting the League of Legends event. A large number of experienced and well known casters from the major regions are present, but first timers are included as well.

LoL Pro League (LPL) casters Oisín “Penguin” Molloy, Robert “Dagda” Price and Jordan “Lyric” Corby make their Worlds debut. Mikkel “Guldborg” Guldborg Nielsen, who has casted for the LPL as well as the LoL European Championship (LEC), is a first timer at Worlds.

LoL Champions Korea (LCK) casters Maurits “Chronicler” Jan Meeusen, Brendan “Valdes” Valdes and Wolf “Wolf” Schröder are also making their Worlds debuts, along with LoL Championship Series (LCS) analyst Emily Rand.

Worlds 2020 did not officially feature any casters from the LPL but for 2021, three will be present to provide their knowledge and expertise.

Here is the breakdown of talents by region:


  • James “Dash” Patterson
  • David “Phreak” Turley
  • Sam “Kobe” Hartman-Kenzler
  • Mark “MarkZ” Zimmerman
  • Emily Rand
  • Barento “Raz” Mohammed
  • Julian “Pastrytime” Carr
  • Isaac “Azael” Cummings Bentley


  • Eefje “Sjokz” Depoortere
  • Laure Valée
  • Daniel “Drakos” Drakos
  • Andrew “Vedius” Day
  • Aaron “Medic” Chamberlain
  • Marc “Caedrel” Lamont
  • Mikkel “Guldborg” Guldborg Nielsen


  • Oisín “Penguin” Molloy
  • Robert “Dagda” Price
  • Jordan “Lyric” Corby


  • Maurits “Chronicler” Jan Meeusen
  • Max “Atlus” Anderson
  • Wolf “Wolf” Schröder
  • Brendan “Valdes” Valdes

A name you’ll see missing here is Clayton “CaptainFlowers” Raines, who announced in early September that he would not be a part of the Worlds team. In a Twitlonger post, he stated that his “physical and mental health are both a long way from where I’d like them to be.”

It has also been confirmed Worlds 2021 will utilize the LEC studio in Berlin as the English broadcasting main hub, while the LCK and LCS studios will also join in to support the Worlds broadcast remotely. Sjokz has confirmed she and Dash will take turns to host during Play-ins and Groups before she travels to Iceland to do live interviews.

Worlds 2021 is an event that will invite 22 of the world’s best teams from around Riot’s Tier 1 sanctioned leagues to compete for a chance to hoist the Summoner’s Cup. The original venue for 2021 was supposed to be in China, but due to difficulties associated with COVID-19, had to be moved to Europe instead. The location has now been determined as Iceland.

League of Legends Worlds 2021 will be held from Oct. 5 through Nov. 6.

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