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Magic: The Gathering first started using Planeswalker Points in 2012. Wizards of the Coast meant for these to serve as a reward for tournament regulars. Through the years, though, their implementation incurred mixed results. The initial plan to use Planeswalker Points as a currency that earned players rewards never came to widespread fruition. And today, Wizards announced that it will end Planeswalker Points on May 27.

Out with the old, in with the new

Wizards of the Coast has focused on updating Magic‘s infrastructure in recent years, making it more modern and adaptable. Efforts have included the release of Magic: The Gathering Arena, the Pro Tour changes, and more. This focus continues with their decision to end the ubiquity of both the DCI number as well as Planeswalker Points altogether.

Mentioned throughout the announcement is a partial replacement for these functions. Namely, WotC will tie more event participation to a player’s Wizards account. As a result, it is unclear whether it will phase the DCI out entirely or partially, or which events it will be used for.

Missing history

This decision has been met with significant backlash from the Magic community. Most of this has focused on the deletion of the DCI play records. The erasure will mean players can no longer go back and view every registered event/match they have played. Pro Tour Hall of Fame member Brian Kibler took to Twitter to express his worries about this change.

Kibler said that Wizards’ decision results in a great loss of history and shared mythology, which the competitive scene of Magic is built upon. Luis Scott-Vargas, one of the greatest players to ever touch the game, voiced similar disappointment at the lack of an option for players to download their lifetime records.

As a result, it is unclear going forward what Wizards of the Coast plans to do to assuage these worries, if anything. For the latest updates on Magic: The Gathering, as well as guides, stay tuned to Daily Esports.

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