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The last bit of big reveal news from EVO Japan this past weekend is the reveal of the next DLC character for Soul Calibur VI. The next DLC character is Amy Sorel, Raphael’s adopted apprentice. Check out the official announcement from Namco Bandai:

Amy first appeared in the intro cinematic to Soul Calibur II and became playable for the first time in Soul Calibur III. She boasts a move set extremely similar to that of Raphael. There is currently no release date for Amy at the time of this writing, but before CEO Daytona would be a good guess since I am sure they will want players to be able to practice with, and against, this new character. [Update: Amy arrives on Tuesday, Feb. 19!]

I will admit to being disappointed to having Amy be the next DLC character, especially when key characters like Cassandra and Lizardman are still not in the game. Cassandra may be coming soon though, as data miners were able to find references to her in specific files in the 1.10 update last December. Amy was also mentioned in these files, so it seems very likely that Cassandra will be next. You can get Amy by purchasing the Season Pass for the game, which is available for $29.99 and will include the previous 2 DLC characters, Tira and 2B from Nier: Automata.

EVO Japan was a big event for fighting game DLC and it seems to be a mixed bag between games, with some announcements receiving more positivity than others. It will be interesting to see what other announcements will come at EVO proper in Vegas this year in August, especially since it is almost a guarantee that Soul Calibur VI will be a part of the main lineup. Each year EVO acts like a fighting game E3 as developers will make their big announcements there over other trade events.