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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is set to receive the Season 6 content update on Thursday, Oct. 7 at 12 a.m. ET. The same goes for Warzone, as the two titles have their content intertwined. This includes the Operators and weaponry, like the Grav and .410 Ironhide. While this is an exciting time for both games, fans are wondering if they can expect any content for Cold War beyond Season 6.

Season 6 arrives one month prior to the new Call of Duty title Vanguard releasing, which usually doesn’t mean anything new is coming to the previous title. However, with the way Warzone is connected to Cold War for the time being, some fans are predicting additional content could come. One Call of Duty leaker, @TheMW2Ghost, has recently spoken on this issue and gave fans an update on what they can likely expect.

The plans for after Call of Duty: Cold War Season 6

As of right now, Activision states that Season 6 is the last content installment for Black Ops Cold War. This was posted to the company’s blog dedicated to showcasing the content arriving for Season 6. The post states that this is the final chapter in the Cold War Zombies storyline as well.

While it appears there won’t be a Season 7 for Cold War, it does look like there’s more content coming its way. As a part of the supposed Season 6 Reloaded update, Activision could release content that wasn’t seen on the Season 6 roadmap. This intel comes from insider @TheMW2Ghost, who tweeted that they’ve heard content not on the roadmap is still planned for Cold War.

Whether this is true remains to be seen. However, Activision has released content that wasn’t on previous roadmaps in the past. With Season 6 Reloaded supposedly arriving on Nov. 4, the day before Vanguard launches, it seems Activision might be giving fans who want to still play Cold War something to grind for. Of course, this is all unconfirmed, so fans should take this information with a grain of salt.

TheMW2Ghost recently leaked all of the apparent Vanguard Perks and has correctly leaked intel in the past.