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The Call of Duty League’s Launch Weekend ended yesterday, and the event was an overall success. There were very few technical issues, some fantastic matches, and several interesting storylines to follow. Minnesota set the bar fairly high for future hosts to live up to, which bodes great for the rest of the season. However, as with any event, there were one or two clear top teams that simply dominated the event. While there are currently four 2-0 organizations in the standings, there’s really only one right answer to the question of who’s on top in the CDL.

Who exits Minnesota as the top team in the CDL?

As stated, there are currently four teams with a 2-0 record following Launch Weekend. These include Atlanta FaZe, Chicago Huntsmen, Minnesota Rokkr, and Paris Legion. Most expected Atlanta and Chicago to be up there, but Minnesota and especially Paris are surprises.

However, if you watched the weekend’s matches, then you know these teams aren’t necessarily equal. Even though their records match, that doesn’t mean they’re on a level playing field when it comes to overall strength.

The CDL showed it has a ton of competitive teams, which makes going 2-0 that much more impressive. However, Atlanta and Chicago are the two clear favorites for all future events. Paris is a dark horse for the 2020 season, along with Minnesota and even the L.A. Guerrillas.

Call of Duty League Atlanta FaZe

To narrow it down, though, no one comes close to the Atlanta FaZe at this point. Comprised of the “Tiny Terrors”, FaZe looked unstoppable this weekend, only dropping one map, that being Domination against New York. The slaying power on Atlanta is unmatched in the league, though Chicago comes in a close second.

We knew coming into the CDL Launch Weekend that Atlanta would be a good team. However, it was hard to expect the team to do as well as they did. We can foresee FaZe and the Huntsmen to be in many Grand Finals this year, with Atlanta holding a slight edge.

Who do you think is the best team? Let us know, and keep up with Daily Esports for all CDL coverage.