Where to find the GPU in Warzone 2 DMZ - Uses and more
Warzone 2 DMZ GPU
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Where to find the GPU in Warzone 2 DMZ – Uses and more

A valuable item in DMZ

Call of Duty: Warzone DMZ mode is full of interesting and seemingly useful items. While these items only have a monetary value during a match of DMZ, they are still useful in getting players money so they can buy additional weapons or equipment.

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One of the more valuable and difficult-to-find items is the GPU, or the graphics processing unit. The GPU can be sold for a high price, $16,000, which means they are exceedingly rare to find. Players will also need to deliver one GPU to a cemetery in order to complete a faction mission in DMZ. Luckily, there are some spots on the DMZ map that yield a higher spawn rate for GPUs.

To find exactly where you can locate a GPU in DMZ, keep reading the guide below.

Finding the GPU in DMZ

There is one location that has a guaranteed GPU in DMZ. It’s located at the Chemical Storage Warehouse, which is found in the quadrant D3 in the Quarry POI. This location is found in the northwest corner of Al Mazrah. Unfortunately, you will need the Chemical Storage Warehouse key, which can be tricky to find. There is also supposedly a glitch that allows you to get inside the warehouse without a key, which was shown off by YouTuber LaserBolt.

Regardless of how you get inside, the GPU will be waiting for you on a metal shelf inside the warehouse. There will also be gold bars sitting on the shelf, so you can make out like a bandit.

Aside from the guaranteed spawn at the warehouse, GPUs can be found in random locations across Al Mazrah. However, the most likely spawn locations for GPUs are the Gaming Studio, Police Headquarters, and any office. Essentially, players want to look in locations that have a large amount of technology. At these locations, you want to look inside computers, as that’s where a majority of the GPUs will spawn. However, I have also had some success finding GPUs in random containers within these kinds of buildings.

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Once you have a GPU, you can either complete a necessary faction mission with it or sell it for a whopping $16,000. I recommend selling it immediately if you don’t need it for a Faction mission, as dying with a GPU on you is one of the worst feelings in DMZ.

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