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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s esports scene has been around since 2013. Since then, the player base has had its share of ups and downs, yet there are still many avid players and supporters of the esport. If you’re one of those supporters, or even a player yourself, you might ask where you can keep tabs on current CS:GO matches. Here’s how to find live CS:GO matches, score updates, and even odds on which team is the crowd’s pick.

Where to find CS:GO matches and live score updates

HLTV Live Matches interface
Provided by John Carlo Vijuan

Professional CS:GO tournaments and matches usually go live on Twitch and Youtube. One of the most prominent websites you should check is HLTV. They cover all CS:GO tournaments, even C-tier tournaments. If you want to watch live matches, click on the “Live” tab, and they will display all of the ongoing matches.

Not all of us have the time and leisure to watch live matches — this is where HLTV’s features come in useful. They provide various tools that allow you to view every stat and even match odds while the game is ongoing These tools update in real-time and even have a map showing where the kills are happening. They even feature a basic odds system that lists the pros and cons of each team.

In case you missed a few matches due to other commitments, HLTV still has you covered in this area. They offer almost all replays on any CS:GO map. Even matches from 2012 are viewable through the website.

Why do I need to watch CS:GO matches?

A long perfect CT Smoke lineup CSGO Dust 2
Provided by John Carlo Vijuan

As a player in varying competitive games, we find that watching live esports games or even replays help us improve our gameplay. In CS:GO’s case, here are some of the benefits that you’ll get while watching live matches:

  1. Get to know pro players’ tactics while playing on specific maps
  2. Learn new lineups or smoke spots with a jump throw that you may not know
  3. Understand the game better by listening to the commentators. They will usually explain what the players are doing and possible reasons for their actions
  4. If you’re a bettor, you’ll know when to go for a “risky” bet if most people underestimate a team
  5. You get to support your favorite team and cheer for them

Most of the benefits involve gameplay improvement. However, practicing a lot is still essential to apply this in-game knowledge. Lastly, watching live games, especially on Twitch, allows you to interact with other people and get their perspectives on the match.

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