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Season 5 of Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific was just released last week. The update introduced a plethora of content for the battle royale, including two new weapons, map changes on Caldera and Rebirth Island, and fresh playlists. While fans have been busy exploring and unlocking all of this content, some have wondered when the next seasonal update will arrive. It’s been confirmed that Season 5 is the last for Vanguard before Modern Warfare 2 releases, but does that also apply to Warzone Pacific?

Though Activision or Raven Software have not confirmed anything, it appears Season 5 will conclude on Nov. 16. This date was determined through a leaked internal document that claimed the arrival of Warzone 2 was occurring on Nov. 16. Also, the current Season 5 Battle Pass in Vanguard and Warzone is set to end on Nov. 16, which adds legitimacy to the leak.

With Warzone 2’s release, the current iteration of Warzone Pacific will become an afterthought by the developers. While it’s likely the developers will continue to update the game, the bulk of focus will be on Warzone 2. Allegedly, when Warzone 2 does launch, the current version of Warzone will be named “Warzone Legacy.” It will still be available to play, but no specific content will be released for it.

Warzone Pacific Season 5
Season 5 really is the Last Stand for the current version of Warzone. | Provided by Activision

This means that beginning on Nov. 16 (presumably), Warzone Pacific will move to the back burner. It’s unknown whether or not the game will receive the new Battle Passes from Modern Warfare 2/Warzone 2. Older games like Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War have received the new Battle Passes even after their life cycles were complete, but it’s unclear whether that trend will continue.

What we do know is that all camos, gun blueprints, Operators, etc. from Warzone Pacific will not transfer to Warzone 2. Everything fans have spent two and a half years unlocking will remain in the current version of Warzone. However, when Warzone 2 launches, every fan will begin with a clean slate.

Season 5 will be the last major update released for Warzone Pacific. It’s possible Activision could continue to bring new content to Warzone Pacific after Warzone 2 releases, but it likely won’t be any original content.

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