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The first season has yet to be announced or released for Modern Warfare. However, we do know that it’s coming sometime before the year is up and that it will launch with a Battle Pass. What we don’t know is what the season will contain in terms of content, or when exactly it will release. There have been very few leaks about the first season or the Battle Pass since Modern Warfare launched. Still, we can use previous titles to make some educated guesses as to when the Battle Pass will drop and what it will hold.

What can expect out of Modern Warfare’s first Battle Pass?

Like most other multiplayer titles out there, a Battle Pass is the preferred way to stream content. Not only does it reward players, but it usually comes at a reasonable price. Since the introduction of Fortnite‘s first Battle Pass, numerous developers have featured a similar model in their games.

For Modern Warfare, we can assume that the first season will mimic that of its predecessor, Black Ops 4. While some aspects will undoubtedly change, the base that Black Ops 4 laid should be evident.

The most likely date for the first season and Battle Pass is early December. It’s at the right time when longtime players need something new to keep their interest in Modern Warfare afloat. Also, it’s early enough that new players flooding the game in late December will get a chance to earn the rewards.

Modern Warfare Battle Pass
Modern Warfare should feature a Battle Pass similar to that of COD Mobile’s version

As for the content of the Pass, we know that COD Points will be featured in some capacity. Presumably, the Battle Pass will have a free and paid version, with the paid version featuring better items. COD Points should be earnable through both of the versions.

The rest of the Battle Pass will likely be filled with weapon camos, charms, sprays, calling cards, etc. Weapon blueprints or all-new weapons could also come with the Pass, but if they do, they will almost certainly be in the free version.

If everything goes according to plan, fans should only have to wait a couple more weeks for new content. However, Call of Duty does have a habit of pushing content back due to unforeseen circumstances, so we never know for sure.

What are your thoughts on the Battle Pass? Let us know, and keep up with Daily Esports for all Modern Warfare coverage.