When is the release date for Call of Duty Mobile Season 6?
COD Mobile Season 6
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When is the release date for Call of Duty Mobile Season 6?

The newest season of COD Mobile is expected to drop next month

In classic Call of Duty Mobile fashion, the end date for Season 5 is coming up just as quickly as it arrived. Season 5 introduced a tropical theme into the hit mobile title just two weeks ago, and now fans should gear up for the arrival of COD Mobile Season 6. While there is no concrete release date for the season as of yet, we can make an assumption based on in-game information.

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Season 5 of COD Mobile was released June 1. It’s called Tropical Vision and features an all-female cast as well as introduced the Apocalypse map as well as the Echo Grenade and Oden assault rifle. The season has been received well so far but fans won’t have much time to enjoy it. Season 6 is coming soon and should arrive within the next two weeks.

According to the Season 5 Battle Pass, Season 6 will likely arrive on July 1-2. This is when the Season 5 Battle Pass comes to an end, meaning that the next one will arrive shortly after. Along with a new Battle Pass, the developers will implement a whole list of patch notes and the new content that fans have come to expect. While nothing official has been announced on the content front, there are some leaks we can reference.

Insiders have tweeted that Modern Warfare 2 map Favela will make its way to COD Mobile Season 6. This might make sense with the reveal of Modern Warfare II (2022) happening earlier this month, which is a reboot of the original game that Favela originates from.

In addition to Favela, a couple of weapons have also been leaked and could make their way to Season 6. Those weapons are the LCAR9 machine pistol and the KSP45 submachine gun. These weapons were found in the Test Server earlier this year along with the Oden, which arrived in Season 5. It seems likely that the LCAR9 and KSP45 would be the next additions to COD Mobile.

Activision should formally announce Season 6’s name, release date, and possible content within the coming week or so.

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