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Fans of the popular COD Mobile are currently enjoying the 11th season for the multiplayer/battle royale title. Released last week, Season 11 is the game’s one-year anniversary and the developers really went all out for the player base. There’s new skins, weapons, and an all-new interactive experience called ‘The Club’. For the moment, the fans are trying to soak all of this in and experience everything in its fresh state. However, there’s always an eye to the future and in this case, that would be Season 12. Here’s when fans can expect the release date for the next season of COD Mobile.

The COD Mobile Season 12 release date

As of right now, all we can go by is the in-game countdown clock that can be found on the Battle Pass. Since the passes expire with every new season, Activision always places a timer on the tab to show players how long they have to earn the season’s specific rewards.

On the COD Mobile Season 11 pass, we can see that it’s set to end on November 10 at 8 PM ET. Of course, since it’s so early into the season, we can’t be certain this timeline won’t change. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, among other things, developers could face unforeseen circumstances that lead to delays.

COD Mobile season 11
Image via Activision

However, nothing indicates that anything would delay the developers at this time. If this holds true, then we can expect Season 12 to begin on November 11 at around 8 PM ET. The new iteration would arrive with a new Battle Pass, skins, a weapon and/or scorestreak, and more. However, the anniversary celebration would conclude, so it’s unclear what would stay and what would leave with Season 11. Although, we do know the Alcatraz battle royale map won’t stick around for the next season.

That’s all of the information we currently have on Season 12 of COD Mobile! Stay tuned to Daily Esports for all future Call of Duty news.

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