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The League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) has finished its first round-robin of matches in Week 4 and teams are facing each other again for the second time.

CLG: from undefeated to winless in Week 4

Last weekend, CLG did the unthinkable by defeating 100 Thieves, Evil Geniuses and Dignitas to go 3-0. Before, CLG had become known as one of the worst teams in the LCS, as they had barely scraped together wins. However, during Week 3, they found what worked for them and they were able to go undefeated.

That luck turned itself around and put CLG back on the bottom. They faced Immortals, Team Liquid and Cloud9 this weekend, and CLG was unable to pull out another win. There is hope for CLG to bring things back during Week 5. They face Golden Guardians, Evil Geniuses and 100 Thieves again for the second time. If they could do it once, they can certainly do it again.

100 Thieves look poised to go to Worlds

Since adding Felix “Abbedagge” Braun as their new import mid laner, 100 Thieves have looked like a new team. The Thieves haven’t been on top of the standings since early 2018, when their roster first formed. Now, after three years of struggling to make a name for themselves in the LCS, 100 Thieves is back.

100 Thieves has only dropped two games since the spring split started against Immortals and CLG. Outside of the uncharacteristic losses, 100 Thieves have cemented themselves as the best team in the LCS. They have proven themselves by beating Cloud9 twice and will look to take down Team Liquid again next week. If 100 Thieves keep this up, they should easily make it to Worlds in 2021.

Team Liquid stay strong with new jungler

Before Week 4 started, Team Liquid announced the resignation of head coach Joshua “Jatt” Leesman. That resignation came with the news that jungler Lucas “Santorin” Tao Kilmer Larsen would be taking an extended leave due to medical issues. In that time, strategic coach Jonas “Kold” Andersen stepped up as head coach. Academy jungler Jonathan “Armao” Armao also stepped in as the temporary jungler for the team.

In Week 4, Team Liquid played against TSM, CLG and Evil Geniuses. Outside of a loss to TSM at the end of the week, Team Liquid looked like they hadn’t skipped a beat. The real test will come next weekend when Team Liquid will face 100 Thieves who have looked unbeatable.